Data Resources

EPS China Data presents a collection of China statistical data and census data which could be the largest and most comprehensive on the market.

One platform (i.e. EPS Data Platform) provides access to 41 China statistical databases (and more sub-databases) in a wider range of subjects and fields.

EPS China Data contains over 1.2 million time series of basic and combined statistical indicators with a yearly increment of more than 55 million numeric data.

EPS China Data usually publishes new China data much earlier than any other online data platforms.

EPS China Data covers all regions of China: 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, 400 prefecture-level cities, 2000 county-level cities, and additional smaller areas or zones.

EPS China Data includes not only macro-data but also micro-data, not only yearly data but also quarterly and monthly data, not only published data but also non-published data, not only more historical data but also timely-added new data.

EPS China Data continuously collects data from various authoritative and reliable sources. All EPS databases are regularly updated by year, quarter or month.

All data provided through EPS Data Platform may be exported as popular formats such as Excel, PDF, Word and Print-Out.